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Reviews and Quotes About Jimmy Dabble

"... In a lighthearted style, Vischer constructs a believable fantasy in which the squabbling hens, wise cow, friendly sheep, and a pig named Al become Jimmy's companions on many adventures. It turns out that these animals are talented and save the day in a melodramatic twist, at the end of the story, that children will enjoy. Add to the mix a zany grandmother, a not-so-scary creature named Beebo who lives in the dark woods, and a disaster or two, and you have the ingredients for a story that children will appreciate. Vischer's abundant, large-sized cartoons and spot-art creations are as lively and exuberant as the text. The diversity of characters and ample dialogue make the book a good choice as either a group read-aloud or an independent read. Not quite so complex as E. B. White's Charlotte's Web (Harper Collins, 1952) or a Roald Dahl creation, Jimmy Dabble will expose children to a well-written fantasy and leave many of them searching for similar titles."

Lee Bock, Glenbrook Elementary School as published in School Library Journal August, 2001


"I like Frans Vischer's animation of Darla Dimple in "Cats Don't Dance." ... In Jimmy Dabble he once again surprises his audience, avoiding cliches to present unexpected plot twists that are ultimately more satisfying and entertaining."

Charles Solomon, animation historian and critic August, 2001


Frans Vischer